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Posted by on Feb 7, 2019 in Blogging | 0 comments

The Tricks To Getting Your Stone Floors In Great Condition

So, now that you have had your stone restorations performed you probably want to know how to maintain that fresh and new look to your favorite stone area, whether it be a floor, countertop, or another stone area we have some helpful tips and tricks to help you keep your stone looking amazing for years to come. If you are planning for a renovation and looking for best place to buy stones it is recommended to contact a stack stone wholesaler for better price range.

  • Mop your floors frequently to keep the surfaces clean and free from dirt and debris. It is recommended to mop at least once per week.
  • Clean your surfaces with a stone cleaner, these specialised cleaners are more neutral to prevent damage from chemicals and they won’t leave a film or cause streaks.
  • Be sure to thoroughly rinse your surfaces after washing and while we are on the subject make sure to dry the surfaces thoroughly as well.
  • Clean any and all spills immediately to prevent stains, discolorment and other forms of damage.
  • Protect your stone countertops and surfaces with coasters, placemats, or trivets to prevent accidental etching from the acid in common drinks.
  • Keep hot items away from the surfaces, never place hot items directly on your stone surfaces. Instead always use a hot plate or some other form of a protective mat to keep the heat from direct contact.
  • Do not use any acidic cleaners or abrasive cleaners on your stone surfaces, be sure to get a neutral stone cleaner that will help protect your stone while cleaning.
  • Watch what you place on the surfaces when you place things such as certain dishes like china, ceramics, or silver directly on the surface they can cause scratches and other damage to your surface.
  • Take care of small issues before they develop into large problems. If you notice a scratch or other issue have it taken care of quickly before it becomes a large problem for you. This wills ave you money and helps keep your stone looking great longer.
  • Never mix bleach and ammonia together, this is probably a no-brainer but it is vital and should be repeated as a reminder. Mixing these two cleaners together will cause a harmful and lethal gas.
  • Always use a soft cloth when cleaning the surfaces to avoid accidental scratches and damage to the surface.
  • Utilise area rugs and other non-slip mats to help protect your floors especially in those high traffic areas or entrances where dirty shoes can track in rocks and salt and other items that are potentially damaging to your floors.

While these aren’t a list of rules or regulations they are helpful tips to help keep your stone surfaces looking their best so you lessen the times you need stone restorations throughout the life of your stone areas. If you are looking for a reputed and reliable company we recommend Stone Wiz for all your marble stone restoration in Sydney region.

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